The human body has copper

Distributed in muscles and organs, the adult human body contains 100 to 150 mg of copper. Among the main functions of the red metal in our body, it is to contribute to the formation of red blood cells, the maintenance of blood vessels, the immune system and bones; hence it is considered essential for human life.

Adequate doses of copper help regulate many functions of our body, among them are the transport of iron, the formation of hemoglobin, red blood cells and various enzymes; the degradation of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins; the assimilation of vitamin C; and the integrity of the central nervous system, among other benefits.

To keep our copper levels in order we need the intake of only 2 mg of copper daily, an amount so small that it is unlikely that a diet does not contain it, since, in addition to drinking water, many foods are rich in copper such as lentils, chickpeas, chocolate, nuts, turkey liver, seafood, whole grains and cereals, radishes, blackberries, among others.

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